Rhino Rescue

This is your call — your opportunity — to turn the tide by helping us to relocate endangered rhinos to a safe environment. In return for your support, you have the chance to win one of two luxury safaris. The draw will take place on 17 June 2017.

This is the tipping point

The composition of rhino horn is equivalent to human fingernails. However many in Asia believe it holds healing properties and will pay between USD 65,000 and USD 90,000 per kg for rhino horn on the black market. That makes it more valuable than gold. Unfortunately many are unaware that to obtain and sell rhino horn, poachers violently slaughter rhinos before hacking off their horns. Rhinos are at higher risk in South Africa where they are extremely vulnerable to poachers. If rhino poaching continues at its current rate, rhinos will be extinct within 20 years. Unless we act today to stop the ongoing massacre, the rhino will soon be gone forever.

  • 1

    rhino is poached
    every 7 hours

  • $1700

    value of rhino horn
    per ounce

  • 20,000

    southern white
    rhinos left

  • 5,000

    black rhinos left
    in the wild

  • 1175

    rhinos poached in
    South Africa in 2015

Make a difference and WIN

We are raising money to translocate a family of rhinos from poaching hotspots in South Africa to safer and more secure environments in neighbouring Botswana, where they are well protected by the Botswana government. The budget to move one rhino is USD 45,000. To help collect the needed funds, Safari Footprints is raffling two breathtaking luxury safaris valued at USD 50,000 and USD 75,000 respectively. Join our initiative by donating either USD 500 or USD 1,000. Each donation includes one entry into the draw for the corresponding safari and the chance to WIN one of these exclusive experiences. Entries are limited to 150 donations per safari. Once we reach our goal of 300 tickets sold, we will have raised USD 225,000 – enough to airlift 5 rhinos to safety.

Choose your safari


Valued at USD 50,000

Out of Africa

13 days for 2 guests

USD 500 per ticket

Experience Botswana’s sparkling Okavango Delta, a series of islands in a water oasis fringed by riverine forests. Visit the flood plains of the Moremi Game Reserve, the site of seasonal wildlife migrations, and the spectacular Central Kalahari Game Reserve. View wildlife roaming the forests and plains of the Okavango Delta and gaze at more stars than you imagined in the night sky of the Kalahari Desert. Live all of this, in one luxury safari experience.

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Valued at USD 75,000 with participation in rhino notching

Spirit of Africa

17 days for 2 guests

USD 1,000 per ticket

This safari combines some of our favourite locations in an exclusive, variety-filled package. Travelers will experience the sand forests of Phinda in South Africa and the glittering green jewel of Botswana’s Okavango Delta in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. They will revel in the expansive grandeur of the Makgadigadi Pans in Botswana and then indulge in the winelands of Cape Town in South Africa. This is Africa at its absolute best.

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How will your donation help?

The rhinos will be relocated from poaching hotspots in South Africa to diligently safeguarded areas in neighbouring Botswana. The budget to move one rhino is a staggering USD 45,000. Funds raised through this raffle and your generosity will support two larger projects – Rhinos Without Borders and the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project – which collectively will relocate dozens of imperilled rhinos. Your donation will address multiple expenses, including rhino capture operations, veterinary fees, quarantine care costs, armed security during pre-release quarantine, transport crates, transportation to the airport, aircraft charter hire, transportation to the release site, electronic tracking devices, and post-release security and monitoring.

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