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Rhinos Without Borders

Rhinos Without Borders is an emergency response to the rhino poaching crisis in southern Africa designed to help counter the scourge of poaching and preserve this African icon for future generations. Through Rhinos Without Borders, Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, are relocating at least 100 rhinos from the highest poaching zones in South Africa and releasing them into the wilderness of Botswana. 

To date Rhinos Without Borders has successfully relocated 87 rhinos. When complete, the Rhinos Without Borders relocations will exceed the original project goal of 100 rhino in less than five years. In addition, rhino monitoring teams have reported the birth of 22 calves in their new home, a success for the project and for the species.

The ultimate legacy of Rhinos Without Borders is future generations of wild rhino. The protectors of that legacy are the Rhinos Without Borders monitors. Their tireless commitment to safeguarding the relocated rhinos ensures each individual animal is provided the best possible chance of establishing themselves in their new home.

For more information visit Rhinos Without Borders.

Images © Rhinos Without Borders.

Great Plains Conservation Foundation

The Great Plains Foundation is a US Section 501(c)3 charitable Trust whose mission is to fund the development of best practices for world class conservation with a long-term commitment to the environment, wildlife and local communities in Africa, including but not limited to the promotion of responsible tourism to help alleviate poverty and to support community development in Africa.

For more information visit Great Plains Foundation.

Africa Foundation

Africa Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt non-profit organisation registered in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. Working together with &Beyond and in consultation with the communities themselves, Africa Foundation facilitates the socio-economic development of rural communities living in or close to the continent’s conservation areas.

For more information visit 

Africa Foundation.

Important dates

The entry deadline is 31 July 2019. Winners for each safari will be drawn in early August, once all data has been received.

Prizes are valid for one year, from July 2019 to July 2020.

Please read the terms and conditions for travelling here. If you have any questions, please contact Beccy Ives:

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Safari 1: Rhinos Without Borders

This 10 night safari for two people is valued at approximately USD42,000.

Raffle tickets cost USD1,000 each. Purchase your ticket here.

Please use the following reference when making your payment: SF fundraiser Safari 1 RWB

All proceeds will go to Rhinos Without Borders, a collaborative conservation project by Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, sharing the aim to translocate 100 rhinos from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana.

Please see digital itinerary for this safari here

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