The roof of Africa


Step back in time to a world of ancient historical treasures, medieval monuments and wilderness of spectacular beauty

Ethiopia is in the horn of Africa and is bordered by Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan. It has a rich and fascinating history, as the only African country never to have been colonised.

Lalibela is famous for its monolithic rock-hewn churches and the holy city of Axum for its ancient obelisks.

Although not regarded as a big game destination, Ethiopia’s natural beauty and unspoilt wilderness is distinctive and unique to the region.

The rugged Ethiopian Highlands is home to the last populations endemic Ibex, antelope and wolf. The Ethiopian Wolf is the most endangered carnivore in Africa, with fewer then 450 left in the wild.

Facts and figures

  • Capital

    Addis Ababa

  • Population

    90 076 012

  • Currency


  • Time zone


  • Known locally as


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