The land that time forgot


Due to its long isolation, Madagascar has developed a unique, rich and extremely biodiverse ecology which has remained virtually unspoiled

Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island, situated in the Indian Ocean, just off the eastern coast of southern Africa. At almost twice the size of Arizona, Madagascar has over 5,000km (3,100mi) of coastline and 450km (280mi) of barrier reef.

From mangrove swamps and deserts to lemurs and baobabs, about 70% of the fauna and 90% of the flora in Madagascar is indigenous and found nowhere else on earth. There are around 900 species of orchids on Madagascar, of which 90% are endemic. The carnivorous pitcher plant is one of the most famous of these orchid species.

It’s relatively remote location and underdeveloped road infrastructure makes it a rewarding and uncrowded destination.

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