December 5, 2018

Taste of African Cuisine

Taste of African Cuisine

  Many of our safari goers are after an authentic, African experience. This includes spotting Africa’s Big Five, meeting the locals, and of course, enjoying traditional African cuisine – full of goodness and flavour. Africa’s food is as diverse as the many cultures found on the continent. Traditionally, African dishes are made up of local fruit and vegetables, cereal grains, and meat. This is combined to create hearty stews and soups, as well as interesting staple starches to accompany meals.

Bringing it All Together

With over 50 countries in Africa, you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to sampling the local food.
The wonderful thing about staying at one of the lodges Safari Footprints travels to, is that you get to experience the diversity of local cuisine all in one venue. Wilderness Safaris, for example, has a food offering that truly represents Southern Africa’s melting pot of diverse cuisine.
To celebrate Botswana’s local culture, they incorporate traditional meals such as beef seswa (traditional pounded beef), tswii (water lily root stew and spinach in a creamy coconut and peanut sauce) mgwenyas (local doughnuts), samp, Amarula liqueur, and Kalahari truffles into the menu, so that each guest gets to taste the wonderful dishes Botswana has to offer.
In most camps, emphasis is placed on out-of-camp dining experiences, so that guests can spend as much time out in the bush as possible, enjoying world-class culinary treats while immersed in nature. Meals are focused on bringing guests, guides, and hosts together to share adventure stories of present and past in a family-style dining setting.

Image taken at one of Wilderness Safari’s lodges in Botswana

Our Culinary Experiences

  Matt has recently come back from safari with some incredible sightings under his belt… as well as some amazing meals ? During his trip to Great Plains Conservation’s Duba Plains, these fantastic meals were served. Matt and his guests even joined the chefs in the kitchen to show the Duba staff some of their local delicacies! Food brought everyone together that evening.



  We at Safari Footprints cater for all experiences. So, what’s your style of dining? Brunch served as an exquisite platter, prepared for you by the dedicated catering staff at the camp? A private dinner for two, served under a romantic, candle-lit setting?

Or do you wish to cook your own fry-up in the pure wilderness, making Sunday brunch a little more exhilarating? Round off your culinary adventure by taking your evening meal under the stars in an open-air boma.

Whatever it may be, be sure to come to Africa hungry.

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