Wild dog puppies spotted at Chitabe

Endangered African Wild Dog puppies spotted at Chitabe. I was privileged to visit this particular den four times over the last couple of months. There were twelve puppies, the lions have been raiding the den a bit too often though, fingers crossed they all survive!

Vumbura Plains

Vumbura Plains never ceases to amaze me. From birding and boating, to mekoros and great game, it just seems to have it all. The action started as we arrived at camp, with three cheetah moving through the dry floodplains and a male lion feeding on a tsessebe. The next morning we headed out to a … Continued

Postcard from Tanzania

Tanzania’s majestic Ngorongoro Crater is full of life. We’ve just seen the most spectacular animals out in the field – large african elephants, three prides of lion and a crash of rhino.

Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp, that place of plenty. The first animal we saw as we arrived was a female leopard (pula) who we watched for some time, sunning herself on a termite mound. Later in the afternoon we followed a pride of hunting lions heading towards a buffalo herd. What a great start to a safari. The … Continued

Kings Pool Camp

The animals we saw at Kings Pool were amazing! The first day we spent searching for the dog pack and while we picked up some fresh tracks, we had no luck in finding them. On our way back to camp we got a call letting us know that they were there, in the camp! We … Continued

Black rhino at Ngorongoro

We first sighted this rhino from the view point at the Ngorongoro Crater. The next morning we were the first to enter the crater and headed into the the area where we had seen him. We found him marking his territory and managed to get some great pictures as he crossed the road in front … Continued

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